CFID works with strategic partners and supporters to hasten
the discovery of innovative solutions to better understand,
diagnose, prevent, control and treat existing and
emerging infectious diseases that threaten our good health.

Our Programs

The overall direction of CFID programs are guided and prioritized by a strategic planning process that involves the entire CFID Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan is continuously monitored and evaluated for implementation and performance in achieving established mission and goals. Specific projects within each program are dictated by availability of resources which in turn depend on the prevailing financial climate and degree of success in fund-raising efforts. The current Strategic Plan (2011-13) guides the direction of 6 major programs:

Program for Fund-raising

See ROAR Up To Kilimanjaro

Program for Promoting and Funding Research

See Research in Action

Program for Professional Development

See Embil Awards

Program for Educational Enhancement of Students and Trainees

See Grants and Studentships

Program for Public Awareness and Education

See What's Hot in Infectious Disease

Program for Integrating and Publicizing Canadian Infectious Disease Databases

See Links & Gateway to Canadian Resources